Ride exp.

About the intelligent and autonomous driving vehicles, a variety of vehicle dynamics models will be set up in view of the physiological indexes and feelings of the crew.

The improvement of the driving quality will be realized with the intelligent motion and control platform WiseIMCU™ which is designed independently.


Autonomous driving is an industry with interdisciplinary combination in the future. HiGo Automotive has a team formed from all areas of the elite.

We will break the barrier of humanity in the traditional cooperation mode, and fully empower the partners.

Empowerment will not be one-way. HiGo Automotive also will make more progress constantly in the process of cooperation.


From vehicle control to dynamic model test equipment and experience accumulation, from the bottom of IC design to high performance, high reliability, automobile gauge level circuit design.

Dozens of industry elites came together. we are committed to providing people-oriented future travel experience.


Jilin University has over 60 years experience in automotive professional education, and it also gives a strong R & D resource support for the automotive industry.

HiGo Automotive will be more pragmatic in the implementation of advanced technology and industrialization of research achievements.


The motion control hardware platform developed by the model accords with the ASIL-D level.

Through WiseIMCU™, vehicle motion control algorithm based on human physiological perception will become a reality. According to the high-performance WiseADCU™, it will enhance vehicle control experience.The motion control hardware platform will provide the rich interfaces beyond the mainstream, and achieve the super computing power of 2176 CUDA units.

    The headquarters in Guan of HiGo Automotive, which was founded in 2017. It has R & D centers in Beijing and Changchun, and has offices in Shenzhen.

    The predecessor of HiGo Automotive is the team of the Jilin University Auto Engineering College, which was founded in 1955, and the intelligent automotive control system and the network platform team set up in 2005. The integrated team is based on the continuous iteration of the advanced technology of the intelligent connected vehicle .

    At the beginning of the establishment of HiGo Automotive, it was injected into the dozens of million yuan of Pre-A wheel capital, and further promoted the engineering and commercialization ability of the team under the support of capital, and promoted the industrialization of scientific research.

    HiGo Automotive core vision: Make the ride quality of the intelligent vehicle as the core to provide complete intellectual driving solutions and services.

    In 2 or 3 years, we will become the international leading service provider of the intelligent driving domain controller, motion control unit and related complete to evolve to the supplier which provides the future transportation plans.

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